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Although the Epidemic is Cruel, Love Fills the World---- Nucleic Acid Testing of all Employees of L&T
新聞來源: 發(fā)布時(shí)間:[2022-05-12]

The epidemic is cruel, but human beings own love. Only by uniting can we better survive the "epidemic winter". In the early morning of March 20th, 2022, our company received an emergency notification from the Fuqing Municipal Government. In order to fully build a defense line for epidemic prevention and control, the company's employees need to conduct nucleic acid testing and sampling.

After receiving the notification, L&T immediately launched the epidemic prevention and control plan. In the case of short time and heavy tasks, Chen Ruichun, secretary of the party branch and general manager, served as the team leader; Gan Qiantao, deputy secretary of the party branch and director of the administrative department, served as the team deputy leader. With a long-term emergency structure, a logistics/resource support team dominated by the General Affairs Department, a technical support team dominated by the Information Department, an order maintenance team dominated by branch party members and volunteers, and an inoculation scheduling team dominated by the Production Department were established. The emergency team scientifically arranged nucleic acid sampling sites by precise docking division with hand in hand, and started nucleic acid sampling for all employees of the company on time at 08:00 in the morning.

Nucleic acid sampling was carried out in the order of night shift staff, day shift staff, off-work staff, employee family members, and on-site staff of suppliers. The full-coverage publicity work was carried out by WeCom in real time with multi-channel. Nucleic acid and sampling work was finished efficiently in an orderly and efficient manner according to the vaccination target, sub-department and time period. As of 16:00 p.m. that day, a total of 2,274 nucleic acid samples were collected, including 1,721 samples from employees and 553 samples from TPV employees, customers and on-site suppliers.

On the day of sampling, Secretary Chen Ruichun and Deputy Secretary Gan Qiantao of L&T Party Branch went to the nucleic acid testing and sampling site, carefully checked the nucleic acid testing work, listened to the report on the progress of the sampling work, and communicated with the on-site staff to learn more about the testing process, site layout, materials preparation, disinfection and sterilization, etc. Chen Ruichun, secretary of the party branch and general manager, pointed out that it is necessary to accurately grasp the sampling time node, organize the priority sampling work and traffic problems of night shift staff, and maintain a safe distance of "one-meter line" for on-site personnel. According to the problems that may arise in the sampling, we should make a quick response to emergencies, continuously improve the ability of each department to cooperate in combat and the level of actual combat, further improve the work plan for nucleic acid testing of all employees, comprehensively improve the ability of epidemic prevention and control, and effectively guarantee Employee health and safety.

Branch Party member volunteers carried out voluntary guidance work when employees were being conducted nucleic acid testing and sampling, reminded employees to wear masks with a safty standing distance of "one-meter line" in the queue, guided everyone to line up and register in an orderly manner, and assisted employees to scan code for registration. Party members and volunteers practiced their original aspirations and missions with practical actions to build a strong fortress to help each other and fight the epidemic with practical actions, and made their "party emblem" shine in the battle against the epidemic.

During that day, the Rongqiao Management Committee, the joint audit team of the Fuqing Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, and the general manager of TPV Technology FQ Factory visited the nucleic acid test and sampling site of L&T to check the sampling work arrangement and on-site operation  and show their thankful feeling to the work of medical staff. Gan Qiantao, Deputy Secretary of L&T Party Branch and Director of Administrative Division, accompanied the leaders and introduced the on-site arrangement of L&T Party branch, the division of labor and cooperation, and said that the epidemic prevention and control work has been included in the normal management of L&T, the prevention and control plan should be adjusted in a timely manner according to the changes in the epidemic situation and the needs of the government for epidemic prevention, and the prevention and control work should be done scientifically and meticulously. The epidemic prevention and control news was regularly released, reminding all colleagues to fully recognize the severity and complexity of the current epidemic prevention and control as the primary task, resolutely implement the requirements of "foreign defense input, internal strong control", advocated an active and healthy lifestyle, strengthen self-discipline, and consciously abide by epidemic prevention and control  through electronic publications, enterprise WeChat work group, departmental epidemic prevention administrator management group and other platforms, to control various laws and regulations, guide employees not to spread rumors, not to believe rumors, lead all employees to make concerted efforts, jointly manage, build a solid defense line for epidemic prevention and control, and jointly protect a happy and beautiful home. As long as we work together to overcome the difficulties, I believe we will win again! We will do our best to reassure the organization and the society.

Let us salute to everyone who has been contributing to the epidemic war!

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