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Empowering Innovation—Leadership Improvement Training Learning Experience in the New Era
新聞來源: 發(fā)布時(shí)間:[2022-10-31]

Not long ago, I was fortunate enough to participate in the company's empowerment and innovation - leadership improvement training in the new era. I feel that this is a new revolution in washing management thinking.


Workplace empowerment not only refers to empowering others, but also needs to solve one's own blind spots through the "Johari Window", adopt, explore and correct with a broad and open mind, avoid closed one-way output, and solve character weaknesses or bad habits. As managers, we should understand the characteristics of VUCA in the new era: (Volatility) volatile, (Uncertainty) uncertain, (Complexity) complex, (Ambiguity) ambiguous, innovative status quo, converted into opportunities. Leaders should face up to the needs of post-95 employees with empathy, stimulate their self-driving force, cultivate and reserve outstanding talents with "living water" as the principle, and make breakthroughs to enhance the recognition of the post-95's idea of equality and dignity. To use the eight meanings of management and closed-loop thinking to integrate resources, set standards, make good use of abilities, communicate and achieve goals, and three effects (laughs) to enhance team atmosphere. Aiming at the problem points, we strictly create positive energy and self-confidence, and understand that it is difficult to condone and breed negative magnetic fields.


Excellent managers should have the abilities of performance creation, motivation and teaching, culture shaping and change management, so as to realize their potential efficiently and save time, effort and money to complete their own work. It will construct a division of labor and complementarity, led by example, impartiality and selflessness, teamwork, and take credit and responsibility. To create a binding, high-performance and excellent team culture with cohesion, centripetal force, and execution.


During the interaction between classes, everyone selflessly shared their experience in management work, which brought me a lot of gains. Thank you for learning more about leadership from this class, which has benefited me a lot. The teacher emphasized many times in his class that he is grateful to his Bole. Although we are not maximalists, I think that in my career, anyone who can touch and inspire us to improve our learning ability is Bole.


At this time, I will review and input what I have learned in class, which is the best mode to improve memory. By recording personal experience output in written form, so as to consolidate what you have learned, and hope to apply what you have learned.

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