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MI Job Skills Competition in Q1 of 2023
新聞來源: 發(fā)布時(shí)間:[2023-06-29]

In the first quarterof 2023, the job skills competition of MI was about to start. This was a boringjob but a competition had made everyone extremely excited. It had a very goodbonus, and contestants could also exchange work skills with colleagues, manystaff quickly entered for the competition. The competition mode was teamcompetition, and the competition place was M5 line. The events of thecompetition were: throwing board, splitting board, card MYLAR and receivingbase. Same as the usual competition, the scoring method of the competition wasstill based on three aspects: operation speed, practical operation skills andoperation standards, and the top three were evaluated by the cumulative finalscore.

At 6pm on March16th, when I arrived at the M5 line, it was already full of people, and theexcellent contestants submitted by each line were all discussing andcommunicating, arranging personnel positions, paying attention to the detailsof operation specifications, etc., and they were very serious. The leader of MTcompetition preached everyone to gather, and explained the competition rules,operation points, attention to safety and quality again. This time, IEprofessional judges were invited to score on the spot, and finally thecompetition was drawn to decide the order of appearance, and everything wasbased on the principle of fairness and justice.


When the signal forthe start of the competition sounded, the first group of contestants went onstage soon. The contestants started to check the tools and instruments neededfor the competition with solemn faces, put on their own electrostatic braceletsand quickly took out the board from the small vehicle. Here we could see thedetails. The process of taking out the board was to take the edge of the boardand not touch the parts on it. The next action was to accurately push the boardinto the sub-machine, and push it evenly with both hands, otherwise it wouldeasily cause the board to jam and tilt. Finally, make sure that the pedal waspressed correctly, especially the decompression click, and the machine wouldsplit the board and gently put the board into the assembly line with bothhands.

The next player toplay MYLAR was a girl. This operation required relatively fine requirements. Itwas necessary to put MYLAR into the hole accurately and quickly with gentleforce. It seemed to be a simple action, and it was difficult to keep up withthe speed of the upper body so accurately and quickly without skilled trainingday after day. In the last process, the participants were relatively simple,but they should shoulder the responsibility of quality control. They shouldcheck the work of their predecessors. If any defects were found, they should beplaced separately. At the same time, each board should be placed neatly in thetray and marked.

Each group ofcontestants went on in an orderly way, and time flies when they were immersedin the game. Some of them were smiling because of their excellent performancejust now, and some people could see that they were depressed, as if they weresorry for their nervousness or lack of tacit cooperation. In fact, a moment'ssuccess or failure doesn't mean anything. We can improve ourselves in everyexperience and the future can be expected.

I am honored toparticipate in this competition. It makes me understand that everyone is awhole and a team. Everyone is unique and indispensable. Only by trusting andcooperating with each other can we do our work better and lead a brighter life.Even ordinary work can shine brilliantly.

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