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Infinite Life, Infinite Wonderfulness —Philips 42M2 E-Sports Screen
新聞來源: 發(fā)布時(shí)間:[2023-06-29]

"Dingdong, hello, your courier hasarrived at the door, please pay attention to it, thank you!" "My newmachine has finally arrived, but I have been waiting for a long time." Ateenager jumped directly from the sofa and rushed to the door. He happilycarried the courier in from the door, madly dismantled his coveted Philips42-inch new-generation giant screen display -42M2 brand-new machine, andcouldn't wait to move to the computer desk in the bedroom. After a long busytime, finally, a dazzling display appeared in front of him.

Look, it has 4K ultra-clear resolution andHDR high tolerance analysis, which makes the peak brightness of highlightsreach 450 nits, making the details such as brightness and color of the picturemore appealing, super-tolerant, focusing on the opening, and the opening isqualitatively changed. Among them, OLED self-luminous technology is bright anddark in order, pixel-level light control technology, each pixel can be turnedon and off independently, with a million-level high static contrast, which istruly bright and deep, bringing you richer visual details.

Equipped with a new generation of OLEDanti-burn screen technology and automatic pixel shifting technology, the screenwill automatically shift several pixel positions at a specific interval in anundetected state, preventing the afterimage problem caused by the pixel alwaysbeing bright in one place. When the screen is still for a period of time, theScreen saver function will automatically reduce the brightness and darken theprotection, greatly improving the service life of the screen and making thedisplay as durable as you.

Surrounding light technology, the integrationof sound and picture light, originated from Philips' profound lighting andsound adjustment technology, equipped with innovative Ambiglow surround lighttechnology and high-power stereo, so that your lights can dance with the musicrhythm and picture color changes, bringing a music feast with the samefrequency rhythm of sound, picture and light.

Taking the advantages of OLED pixel-levelprecise light control, which can achieve 0.1ms pixel-to-pixel over-speedmigration, making high-dynamic pictures smoother, with no smear and zeroafterimage, extremely smooth control, precise and flawless attack and stableframe rate output, so that your computer can refresh 138 frames per second, andclick for one second to give you zero-second feedback, making your operationflawless. "Hey, Xiao Ming, it's five-player online game tonight. I'm goingto choose Yasuo!

The thing is, teenagers have big interest onplaying five-player online game, among all I have a giant screen machine toshow that I have the best!

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