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Exploring the Way of Agile Curriculum Development —A training review of the Seven-Step Course: Agile Curriculum Development Workshop
新聞來源: 發(fā)布時(shí)間:[2023-10-20]

Recently, the companylaunched a training activity called "Seven Steps to Success: AgileCurriculum Development Workshop". This training invited The senior TTT(Train The Trainer) instructor Fan Yizhi, which brought an excellent learningand practice opportunity for our internal lecturers.

The workshop uses ahighly interactive, practice-oriented teaching model to engage the participantsdeeply. Through brainstorming discussions and brainstorming, the studentsjointly completed the course design tasks one after another. Everyone gave fullplay to their personal advantages, cooperated with each other, promoted eachother, and fully demonstrated the wisdom and cohesion of the team.

At the same time, withthe strong professional knowledge and rich practical experience of teacher FanYizhi, the students explored the seven steps of curriculum development. Throughpractical operation and case sharing, the trainers deeply understand the keylinks such as demand analysis, goal setting, key points extraction, andteaching design, and systematically sorted out the methods and steps ofcurriculum development. In addition, the lecturer guided the students toskillfully use a variety of course development tools and methods, so that thestudents can better apply what they have learned to practice, and help thestudents better transform their ideas into courses with practical value.

This workshop not onlyprovided a platform for our internal trainers to learn and grow, but alsoinjected new impetus into the training development of the company. With theintroduction of the Agile course development methodology, we believe that ourtraining courses will be more relevant to the needs of our employees and beable to respond more quickly to the changing business environment.

In the future, we willcontinue to explore and promote the concepts and methods of Agile curriculumdevelopment. We believe that through this method, our training content will bemore innovative, operational and effective, and also provide better support andhelp for employees' learning.

Finally, I would liketo thank all the internal trainers who participated in the Seven-Step Course:Agile Curriculum Development Workshop for their dedication to develop morepractical courses for enterprises and provide strong support for employees'learning and personal development. Let us also cherish and support the work oflecturers within the company, jointly promote the overall development of theenterprise, and establish a learning organization.

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