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PHILIPS 27E2F7901--Begins with Appearance, Committed to Talent
新聞來源: 發(fā)布時(shí)間:[2023-10-25]

As the saying goes, " The love forattractiveness is native to humans", the pursuit of "beautiful"is people's nature. However, some people are more interested in internalstrength than their appearance, and the coexistence of appearance and strengthwill make the favor full. When the high appearance level and high performancewonderful collision, will bring what kind of heart moment? 2023 Philipsflagship new product---27E2F7901, developed and produced by L&T for PHP, experiencedearly hard research, and finally successfully achieve mass production, hittingwith strength.


Good appearance, outstanding design


The PHP 27E2F7901 machine adopts a one-piece silverspray paint appearance, which is very fashionable and technological. On thefront, with a strong visual impact is the Neo-III panel with narrow borders onfour sides, and the high screen ratio makes users more focused on the screencontent. The back part, the middle is full, the periphery is relaxed, there isno redundant lines and screws, so that the whole machine is integrated,maintain the simple style of Philips, the shield LOGO is engraved in the centerof the support, so the back of the entire back shell appears more simple andatmospheric. The display bracket uses a high-tech sleeve design, the use ofaluminum extrusion +CNC process, contracted but not simple; The base adopts ahollow square aluminum alloy die casting, which is a family-style designreference that Philips monitors have been using for several years.


In addition, the adjustment Angle is rich, supportup and down, left and right, pitching, rotation and other height and Angle offree settings, which can ensure that users find the most comfortable sittingposition, while dealing with a variety of different use scenarios.

Visual eye care, efficient expansion

In terms of eye care, 27E2F7901 adopts hardware lowblue light technology, which can control the ratio of 410-455nm harmfulshort-wave blue light to 400-500nm ordinary blue light below 50% on the basisof keeping the display brightness unchanged and the screen is not biased, providingyou with a more comfortable sensory experience. Non-flash screen technologywith DC dimming and EasyRead mode simulating the reading effect of e-paperbooks can alleviate the phenomenon of eye strain caused by prolonged staring atscreens.

Rich interface configuration, so that the 27E2F7901expansion performance has been improved. In addition to HDMI, DP, audio, USB,it is also equipped with 96W+15W dual Type-C interface and independent DPoutput port. Among them, Type-C interface integrates video, audio, image andother data transmission, which can not only provide first-line intelligentmobile devices, but also provide reverse charging for them; Combined with themulti-source technology and the built-in KVM function, it supports the displayof two signal sources on the same screen. One set of keys and mice controls twoPCS, facilitating the switch between multiple Windows.

After a famous family, it has great talent

Without the support of impeccable picture quality,the display in the pursuit of a light appearance on the road, it is just anempty gimmick. And 27E2F7901, apparently both inside and out. It knows thatonly internal talent can attract the hearts of users. On the basis ofinheriting the high color gamut and wide viewing Angle of the traditional IPSpanel, the LGD Nano IPS Black panel has optimized its backlight system andchanged the arrangement of liquid crystal molecules, thus achieving theultra-high contrast ratio of 2000:1 and deeper black performance. This meansthat on IPS Black displays, black looks purer and more realistic, improving theoverall picture quality. With the color parameters of "4K Ultra HDresolution +108%AdobeRGB professional high color gamut +98%DCI-P3 cinema widecolor gamut coverage +Delta<2 high color level + 1.07 billion display colornumber", bring lifelike scene pictures.

At the same time, it also supports a variety ofcolor gamur Spaces such as sRGB, AdobeRGB, DCI-P3, REC709, and has passed theDisplay HDR400 technology certification of VESA, effectively optimizing thedetails of the dark and overexposed picture, and the visual effect is moreimpressive.

With appearance and strength, Philips 27E2F7901 issuch a presence in the current display industry. The new generation of 4K NanoIPS Black screen with light luxury silver paint appearance, blooming the beautyof the vision, can be called the most beautiful Philips display, let peoplefall in love!

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