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Cool Companion, Guard in
新聞來源: 發(fā)布時(shí)間:[2023-12-05]

In order to sincerely safeguardthe labor health rights and interests of front-line workers, sincerely care forthe physical and mental health of front-line workers, further promote thespirit of labor, and create a strong atmosphere of respect for labor, advocatinglabor, and loving labor. At 16: 00 on the afternoon of August 2, Ni Chaobing,the fourth investigator of Rongqiao Administrative Committee and the chairmanof the Federation of Trade Unions of Rongqiao Development Zone, came to visitour company with cool materials, and sincerely thanked the front-line staff fornot being afraid of "baking" inspection, sticking to their posts andhard working.

During the on-site activity, ResearcherNi deeply understood the work arrangement and heat prevention and coolingmeasures of employees during the high temperature period, repeatedly toldenterprises to continuously strengthen the risk monitoring of high temperatureoperation and labor protection logistics, effectively provide a safe, healthy,cool and harmonious working environment for employees, and ensure that themajority of employees spend the summer safely. And pay high respect to thefront-line workers who still stick to their posts in the hot summer, and toldeveryone to pay attention to heat prevention and cooling, to ensure physicaland mental health, and a safe summer.

Thecoolness is sent to the side, and the care is sweet into the heart. Everyone'shappiness is beyond words and deeply touched. They all said: Although the hightemperature is coming and the heat wave is rolling, a heatstroke preventionitem and a care order are very timely to support us. The "sunshade"has brought coolness and full touch. Next, we must turn the care of the laborunion's "mother family" into an inexhaustible driving force forfighting high temperatures and scorching heat and promoting development, and goall out to ensure the orderly operation of production.

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