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"LG Sustainable Home" Debuted at 2023IFA, Making Energy Saving a Way of Life
新聞來源: 發(fā)布時(shí)間:[2023-12-05]

 On August 31, 2023, at the Consumer Electronics Show (IFA) in Berlin, Germany, LG Electronics put forward the innovative topic of "LG Sustainable Home", showing a series of high-quality and efficient LG home appliances and green living solutions. Under the theme of "Energy Saving and Environmental Protection, Enjoy the Joy", LG has demonstrated its vision of promoting green life.

 Inspired by low-carbon environmental protection, the design and display of "LG Sustainable Home" is integrated into LG's ESG strategy, assessing the sustainability of business operations and its impact on social values from three dimensions: environment, society and corporate governance. The stand is arranged using a variety of environmentally friendly materials, including recyclable fabrics and mesh, to minimize the impact on the structure. At the exhibition, LG brings sustainable smart home solutions to users' daily lives, such as smart houses, advanced energy-saving appliances, personalized appliances, innovative appliances and services.

In addition, visitors will see LG's new MoodUP™ refrigerators, which are equipped with color-changing doors that can be controlled through LG's ThinQ app and LED panels made from environmentally friendly recycled materials. Because the LED panel on the refrigerator door can change color, the MoodUP refrigerator provides an innovative user experience that eliminates the need for different color doors, thereby reducing resource consumption and waste. Both refrigerators offer a custom thermostat function that allows users to adjust the desired temperature, which can prolong the freshness of food and help prevent food waste.

Lyu Jae-cheol, Senior Executive Officer at LG Electronics, said: "We are excited to present the LG Sustainable Home and launch our advanced energy efficient home solutions at CES 2023 in Berlin, Germany. LG will continue to provide innovative home appliances that not only make life easier for users, but also bring happiness to their lives. LG will also actively support users and work together to create an environmentally friendly and beautiful life."

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