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FMEA training experience
新聞來源: 發(fā)布時(shí)間:[2023-12-05]

FMEA, Failure Mode and Effect Analysis. FMEA can be divided into DFMEA and PFMEA for design and process, which is in the product design stage and process design stage, to analyze the subsystems and parts that constitute the product and the various processes that constitute the process one by one, find out all potential failure modes, and analyze their possible consequences, so as to adopt the necessary measures in advance. A systematic activity to improve the quality and reliability of a product. In order to further improve product quality, the company hired external instructors to carry out FMEA training. Knowing this news, my desire for knowledge was aroused, and I immediately signed up for training.

At the beginning of the class, the teacher used a small game to let everyone play up, and with the word "police" led to one of the main points of doing a good FMEA: "alert in the front, watch in the back."

FMEA must be completed by a team, and the team's decisions need to be based on a 3-person system. So we were divided into 5 groups, each group of 8 people. For the AOC U32U3CV model, each team is responsible for a different part of the analysis. Our first group was responsible for the ME part. Following the teacher's ideas, we first conducted DFMEA training on the first day, started planning and preparation according to the seven-step method, carried out structural analysis, functional analysis and risk analysis of the product, and finally carried out optimization and result documentation.

The team members come from different departments, which allows us to examine the parts we are responsible for from multiple angles. After the group leader Xu Bing brainstorming, each person's idea is summarized to form a simple but complete DFMEA. In the process, the teacher threw out some small questions from time to time to liven up the atmosphere, most of which were answered by our first group first, not only learning, but also scored a lot of points while learning!

The next day's training content is PFMEA, PFMEA and DFMEA are much the same, but it should be noted that PFMEA is a process analysis, only for the process part, it can easily be mistaken for DFMEA. After learning DFMEA the day before, PFMEA progressed quickly, the same seven-step method, and then converted into the problem points of the process part, coupled with a harmonious group cooperation atmosphere, the combination of theory and actual practice, soon able to put into practice. The last important step is to document and control it.

The two-day training ended quickly in a happy and active classroom atmosphere, and the knowledge of FMEA was of great help to the follow-up work. I think that if the company can form a long-term and consistent FMEA sorting habit, it may be able to play a small role in guiding future projects. By the way, in the end, the first group I was in won the first place in the two-day training, and also got a small prize, which is a full harvest.



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