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PHP 40B1U6903CH—Full fire, Summit Business
新聞來源: 發(fā)布時(shí)間:[2023-12-05]

The ultimate meaning of science and technology is to stimulate human potential, a good commercial display can not only help you improve work efficiency, but also reduce the burden of your work, maintain enough enthusiasm for work. LnT Philips Display 2023 all-purpose business flagship -40B1U6903CH, it uses the new Philips family design language, with LGD-true 5K 40-inch IPS screen, high picture quality, wide field of view, accurate color rendering, comes with a security pop-up network camera, support intelligent split screen, Meet the diversified needs of business office, video conferencing, video editing, etc., to bring different visual experience and new enjoyment to business people.

A wide screen can provide more flexible space for the layout of applications, easily integrate important information, and greatly improve work efficiency. The 40B1U6903CH features a 40-inch 21:9 ultra-wide-ratio display that offers about a third more viewing area than a standard 16:9 display. The 2500R large curvature brings a cinema curved field of view, with 5120 x 2160 true 5K super resolution, and the color combination of "98%DCI-P3+10bit+Delta E<2+HDR10", presenting a clear, delicate and lifelike wonderful picture. When sorting out data and consulting data, multiple data forms, documents, and PPT files can be displayed on the same screen, and the information can be summarized without switching the window back and forth.

The 40B1U6903CH also provides an efficient solution to problems such as unclear images and noisy microphones during video conferencing. The 5-megapixel Windows Hello security pop-up webcam supports facial recognition and collaborates with noise reduction microphone to make real-time picture display clearer and smoother and sound output more stable. Built-in 5W double speakers, bring double channel sound stereo, so that everyone can enjoy a clearer real-time audio experience, see the screen like meet and greet. Combined with Gigabit network port, it brings high-quality streaming media applications and stable and reliable online meeting experience.

In the office development, 40B1U6903CH not only has HDMI 2.0, DP 1.4 and other mainstream interfaces, but also equipped with 90W thunder 4 and RJ45 gigabit network port, good compatibility, easily achieve 4K entertainment, high-definition images and videos, MST multi-stream transmission of chrysanthemum chain. It can decode 4K 60Hz HDR 10bit, and also ensure the stable connection of gigabit network, not only the data transmission security, but also the transmission efficiency is directly doubled. At the same time, it also simplifies the desktop cable, so that the desktop becomes more clean and tidy.

In daily office work, you can also connect the laptop and desktop computer to the monitor at the same time, easy to form a dual screen. Combined with the multi-source and the same screen technology and the built-in KVM function, it further facilitates the expansion of display devices. One set of keyboard and mice controls two PCS to realize the display of two signal sources on the same screen.

A comfortable office environment is crucial to productivity. The 40B1U6903CH uses hardware anti-blue light technology, meets the TUV Eyesafe certification standard, and effectively reduces the irritation damage of short-wave blue light to the human eye while keeping the display brightness unchanged and the screen does not tilt the color. Provide a more comfortable sensory experience for everyone.

At the same time, it is also equipped with "intelligent dual core" innovation technology. "Intelligent dual core" is Power-Sensor smart Light Sensor chip and Light-sensor ambient light sensor chip. Among them, the light-sensor ambient Light Sensor chip can intelligently adjust the brightness of the screen through the light sensor on the display to keep it consistent with the ambient light, so as to reduce the pressure on the eyes for a long time. The ergonomic base with free height/Angle adjustment helps people find a more suitable sitting and viewing angle, and the comfort experience is further upgraded. Philips commercial models are all made from 85% post-consumer recyclable plastic, the highest recycling ratio in the industry. These technologies reflect Philips' concern for the environment and humanity.

In the highly competitive display market, only truly from the user's point of view, for the sake of the user's products can realize higher quality. As a century-old royal brand, Philips Display has been advocating a healthy and comfortable quality technological life for many years. In the future, Philips Display will continue to bring more technology products with full firepower to interpret the service concept of "innovation for you"!

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