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2023 MFG Q4 BP Job Skills Competition
新聞來源: 發(fā)布時(shí)間:[2023-12-05]

The innovation and breakthrough of work, by no means rely on empty talk and ideal, in other words:What's learned from books is superficial after all. It's crucial to have it personally tested somehow. Only day after day in the post of hone and strive for progress, and through the post of competition to improve the skills of personnel, at the same time exchange experience, learn from each other's strengths. The fourth quarter competition was held at Barcode, and the competition was determined to be label printing and inspection.

In the competition material management, printing, sample signing, all men are soldiers, everyone’s enthusiasm is very high. Through the draw order, at the same time invited IE professional on-site judgment, to ensure the fairness of the competition. The competition method is also relatively simple, printing 50 labels to ensure the printing speed. At the same time, the most important thing is the process execution and label quality, and the top three are evaluated by adding the scores of speed and quality. The rules are announced, and everything is ready for your colleagues to do well: thousands of sails compete, the waves in the back shore in front.

As soon as the competition began, the time pointer cut through the silence of the air, the colleague of No. 1 in the drawing sat down with anxiety, opened the production schedule, determined the printing work order, ERP work order with materials, quickly took materials from the material cabinet, checked the materials, opened the printer, wiped the needle, loaded the matching carbon tape and materials, opened the MES to transfer the layout, After a series of extremely complicated and complex procedures, the correct first sample label was produced. The printing was carried out to ensure that the label was correct. In the process of printing, reading code, checking label dirt, etc., the seriousness and delicacy of contestant No. 1 surprised everyone, and the delicacy of daily work showed incisively and vividly in the competition.

Compared with the No. 1 player, the speed of the latter player has improved, but some players have small flaws, perhaps nervous or pursuing speed, and there are omissions and lags in movements. But the most amazing is the two new colleagues, the execution of the process is very thorough, the printing process is meticulous, the information is carefully checked and modified, and the label information is confirmed again and again, and the judges praised them again and again, which is enough to show the internal new training is careful and meticulous, as well as the excellent execution of personnel.

I am very honored to win the third place in the competition. In this competition, I have grown myself again, and I have a new understanding of myself. There is still room for improvement in my inner quality and work skills.

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